Dato' Sri Eng Soo Min, Managing Director

The founder of the Kueen Lai group of companies, Dato’ Sri Eng first launched the property development division in 1983. Ten years later, Dato’ Eng changed the focus of Kueen Lai as a group to property development. This resulted in a successive series of project launches which were all well received. Today the group is thriving on the growth of greater Kuala Lumpur. The 51-year-old Malaysian above all else values integrity as a guiding value for all his business interests. His Kueen Lai Auto-Parts company paved the way to this end early on by marking out a reputation for respectability and professionalism in an industry where these values come at a premium. Kueen Lai Properties likewise quickly became a trusted name in the market- something Dato’ Eng had strived to achieve for the company right from the start. The company has embarked on a new journey to become a purveyor of lifestyles driven by his vision and dreams.

Datin Teh Mee Ting, Chief Operating Officer / Director

A driving force in the company, Datin Teh has over 20 years of management experience. Although, her forte is administration and operations management within Kueen Lai Group, she is very much people’s person. She has been instrumental in shaping the company’s corporate culture, community relations and our customer relations. She is inspired by meeting new people, travel and philosophy. Her vision is enhance the group’s humanistic values by establishing a strong corporate social responsibility programme, improving the work environment and processes and enhancing and building upon growing buyers for the group.

Shamsuddin bin Mahmood, Director

Shamsuddin bin Mahmood began his illustrious career with the Royal Malaysian Police Force back in 1971. A passionate individual, he quickly rose through the ranks and gained great admiration, not only from his peers but also the community in which he operates in. Shamsuddin retired as a Deputy Commissioner for Perak, after 35 years of loyal service. As a skilled company administrator, Shamsuddin boasts qualifications in policing, social sciences and law. As a director of Kueen Lai Group, his role bridges a wide range of corporate duties from designing, developing and implementing strategic plans to leading and guiding the management through challenges as well as opportunities.