Our Corporate Direction

Our Corporate Direction

To continue to thrive as a business in the face of a changing environment, we must look ahead and focus on our strengths. Living by our mission, vision and values, we can build a suitable platform for our continued success.

Our Vision

Building the future of development, today. These are the milestones that we create, and we exceed.

Our Mission

With a commitment to maintaining our reputation of being one of the most loved and respected companies in the market, Kueen Lai strives to bring value to our communities through quality developments and innovative properties.

As the socio-economic and environmental conditions of today’s world continue to change and present challenges, we evaluate and face these various issues with determination and sustainable solutions. We are improving not only our present world, but also that of the future.

Our values

Our values instilled by our founder, continues to guide us in all our decisions, strategic planning and is the essence of our brand directive.

Ethics, Transparency and Integrity

We stringently abide by the laws, by codes and regulations of the various authorities and regulators that our business is effected by. Our actions invariably affect various stakeholders with whom we do business, employ or care for; as the best form of protection is prevention rather than cure. We place tremendous emphasis on doing everything the right way.

International Standards

We recognise the advantage and necessity of adopting and practising international construction and quality standards through the breath of our projects. Being on the cutting edge of new technologies, practises and trends is integral to us.

Quality and Value

We purchase based on quality rather than price. Similarly, being value driven as opposed to cost driven, we select our projects with considerable care, choosing only to develop ones that we will be remembered and appreciated for.


As a purveyor of lifestyles, innovation is central to our future and our vision. We are migrating towards it through the addition of strategic partners, consultants and technologies.


We are committed to becoming a sustainable developer, through progressive strategic initiatives our journey has begun and we are developing our suppliers, contractors and other partners through this to continue to deliver seamlessly.