Here at Kueen Lai, we have an in-depth understanding of how crucial sustainability is in the property development industry. Our properties are investments into the future of not only our stakeholders but also for Malaysia as a whole. This is a team effort with which we are working closely together with all of our partners throughout the development process. Strategic initiatives are implemented to ensure durability in withstanding the ever-changing environmental and financial forecasts of today world, and of tomorrow.

In putting these approaches into action, we are adopting LED lighting and low VOC paint products that are friendlier for the environment and occupants. With the commitment of our partners and contractors, the benefits of these adjustments are assured with time.

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As far as design and construction are concerned, Kueen Lai places great priority on improving the functionality and efficiency of energy consumption. With this, we have expertise working tirelessly in the areas of temperature moderation, management of waste and recycling, minimizing environmental impact and reducing general resource consumption. Investment into knowledge acquisition of issues surrounding our changing environment is one of tremendous value for the future, which is why we are constantly seeking improvements in our human resources and development strategies.

We envision a move towards certification of our efforts with the GBI and LEEDS central to this, however, we believe it is important to ensure we create opportunities for our suppliers, partners and consultants to evolve with us on this journey so that we can continue to deliver quality products to our buyers affordably and seamlessly.

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